Battle for earth attack of nanomech

Princess Celestia and Steve vs Tirek and Nanomech

Blue lamborghini

Steve's new car.

Steve craft

Steve Craft

Steve Craft or Steve is the leader of the Earth Defenders. He came from a planet called "Minecraft". He secretly has a crush on Twilight Sparkle! he Later dies in the book "Genesis".


Steve has dual swords which can not be broken by a regular human. NANOMECH has broken one his swords once in the battle in San Franscisco. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia gave him a shield which is called the "shield of friendship".

In the upcoming book called "RISE OF THE KRY" Steve uses the magic, the princesses gave him in order to defeat, the powerful villian, Clorog.


In early books and comics about the EARTH DEFENDERS, Steve usually walked or ran, but in the upcoming book: "RISE OF THE KRY", Steve gets a brand new Lamborghini Aventador which is blue.


Steve dies by a sword through the chest, smashing the emerald in him into pieces. When the emerald is damaged, it cannot revive him or repair wounds. He died in Yosemite National Forest, by Hyperion (A.K.A Lorenzo)